Steven Payne Bio

Steve Payne is a realtor with Legend Realty and has been a real estate investor for 12+ years. When getting into real estate in January 2006, his first client was an investor and mathematician from Las Vegas. Throughout much of 2006, we learned about and implemented investments in multi family properties, in and around Huntsville, AL. Steve joined the Madison County Real Estate investor’s association August 9th, 2007. I attended Robin Thompson’s Bootcamp in 2010 and learned about retail flips. Then I got really lucky when Zack Childress moved back to Alabama and I started working with him.

In my real estate career, I have worked with investors of many business models both with GMAC and RE/MAX. I was privileged to work with Frank Sims, a commercial broker, for 3 years at Southeastern Properties and Investments. Then joined the best agency in town, Legend Realty, 4 years ago.

My life has been so blessed. Before real estate, I was a software engineer for 18 years, as a contractor at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). For 16 of those years I was the sole coder at MSFC’s Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory. My software implemented testing and evaluation for many Shuttle components and experiments as part of the flight certification testing. I always felt I was one of the most fortunate coders in the USA. I got to write software that executed operations of spectrum analyzer’s power supplies, oscilloscopes, antennae, laser interferometers, Advance Automated Directional Solidification Furnace with Quench. My dreams had actually come true. A geeks paradise. : - ).

Before having the honor of working at MSFC, I worked at Wyle Labs for 10 years. Wyle had me traveling all over the country as an instrumentation technician. I loved the challenges of instrumenting a huge variety tests at nuclear power plants and solar test facilities. I even worked as a lead instrumentation tech at MSFC for a year, instrumenting the O-ring tests after the Challenger disaster and the filament wound case solid boosters qualifying tests.

Thank you, UAH for the EE background, giving me all of these amazing opportunities.