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Our mission is to help you get the most from your Real Estate business with next level education, potential money partners, deals, as well as networking with other Real Estate business owners. We like to say we are here to help you find your way through the murky waters of real estate investing.  The REIA was created to give you the tools and resources to help you succeed regardless of your investment strategy. We are here to help you Connect, Learn and Grow!!  

Alabama REIA/Madison County REIA was founded over 16 years ago and has been the Only Northern Alabama Investors Association during that time and even now. Regardless if you are brand new or a seasoned investor we are here to help you grow and get started. 

Surround yourself with like-minded successful professionals who can help you succeed. We have a wide range of members with all types of skill levels and our vendors are always here to help you.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing you at our next meeting. 

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Hello Investors, 

Make sure you come out to our next meeting and get know all about how to start investing in our local market or get some new ideas about how to grow your Real Estate Investing business. We have so many great topics and speakers that come out to share and to help you. Our next meeting is all about Working With Banks and How To Turn In Your Financials.. This will be great to here it right from the bank and how they process things. You will get some great inside information so you can be better at working with local banks. 

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When you join our team and become a member of the REIA you will get access to our membership area and the learning center. Here you will find tones of training to help you get started in your Real Estate Journey. You will also get extra discounts of Live Events we hold as being a member. Check out the different levels you can join us here at the link below. 

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want to know what we are up to? you can find out about our upcoming event here and keep up to date with what we have coming your way. You can also get registered through the link in each months topic. That registration link will take you to the meet up page. remember to block you calendar and be part of the group meetings so you can build relationships with other members. As we say you have to show up to Connect, Learn and Grow

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What Our Members have To Say

thinking about Joining the madison county REIA? here what others have to say about it. You will find a real family at our REIA that all work together to help each other Succeed. Also, we are the only True Association in Northern AL. we have been helping investors for over 15 years right here in northern alabama. we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. 

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Deal Showcase! 

If you are looking for deals in the local area then you want to check our our Deal Showcase Center. We post deals in the deal showcase on a regular bases that can be bought at a discount or if you are looking for cash flow there can be deals to help you grow your portfolio. When you are trying to buy properties you need as many sources of leads coming your way to have a higher chance of success. This Deal Showcase center is just that, its a extra lead source for you to buy more properties. Keep your eyes on the site to make sure you see it before it's gone. Also, join our buyers list and we will notify you as they come available. 

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Need To Sell A Property

Do you have a property for sell? If you do and you want to get it sold quickly then just click the link below and tell us a little about the property. We can close quickly and with no hassles to you. We have many different option to help you in your situation. If the property needs work we are ok with that also. It doesn't matter if you are a home owner or investor looking to sell quickly we can help. We have been buying properties in this area for over 10 years. So, no matter the situation lets talk and see if we can find a win win situation. We can buy properties 1 or 2 ways Cash at a Discount or with one of our Terms Programs if your properties qualifies. Go ahead and click the link below to tell us about your property. 

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Are you looking to invest in the Huntsville area? If so and you are looking for great deals then let us know who you are and we can keep you updated on deals that come through. We work with lots of local investors that have great deals for investors and they are looking to either sell the property or the contract that have on a property. These deals can be SFR, Small Apartments, Commercial, ect we get all types of deals. Just Click the link below and tells us a little about you so we can put you on our VIP Buyers List. 

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Check Out our real estate investing talk show or even our interview with local experts. Just click the button below. 

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