🛑 Learning The B.R.R.R.R. Method of Investing

** Learn The B.R.R.R.R. Method of Investing**

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Come network and meet with new and seasoned real estate investors, flippers, realtors, landlords, wholesalers, hard & private money lenders, and bankers as we discuss, “Learning the B.R.R.R.R. Method of Investing”

Zack will be talking about how his experience with Alternative Funding companies can help investors purchase the property to have it positioned and ready for Refinance with the local banks.

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Have you ever wondered how some investors start with so little and build so fast?

Well, if there was a secret to this model then this is it. We call it the B.R.R.R.R. Method…

But, Listen up because things have changed and you should learn how these changes will affect your strategy moving forward!!!

Zack has been doing this method for years and was taught to him by one of his very first mentors, back 20+ years ago. This model worked back then, and it still works today….IF you know what you are doing!

If you ask any of the successful full-time investors who have been doing this business for longer than 10 years, they will tell you the same thing. This is a tested and proven strategy that will get you successful very fast.

Even with all the changes being made, if you know how to follow the rules, you’ll see the rewards also.

You just need to know how to get it all started and how to put the right team together for your success.

Zack is going to share with you how he has done it for years and who he uses to get it done with.

⭐⭐He will be going over

✅What you are looking for

✅What to do to the property before renting it

✅How to get them rented quickly

✅What the 80/20 Rule is when buying them

✅How to find the GRM on a deal in any market

✅How to partner with the right backend lenders

✅How to get Double-Digit Returns on this deal!!

👉👉Share this with someone you know so they can come and learn also!!

Networking From 5:15 to 6:00… We will start the training at 6:00 pm.

See you soon!!!

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September 5


05:30 pm - 07:30 pm

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