Jill Stanfield Bio

Jill is know in our office as the “BOSS” She is a true Winner in all she does. Jill not only helps our MCREIA students but she also Runs several business for Zack Childress, Runs her on Investing Company, Is a Mother of 5 children and still has time to keep up with all the day to day task life throws her way. So, if you ever think you don’t have time you just need to talk to Jill!! 

Jill comes to us Originally from Canada but a proud New Citizen of the USA. She has always had a love of Real Estate. Her dream was to grow up and have apartments and SF rentals of her own. Now she is living the life she has always wanted.

Jill has been working with Zack and the MCREIA for the last 5 years. Zack has really taken Jill under his wing and taught her everything he knows (well almost everything) about Real Estate Investing and being safe in your Investments while generating passive income. She now has over 16 doors of rental income coming in every month and she has moved into Rehabbing and Wholesaling following Zack’s training and advice.

JIll like to invest in the in the Morgan County area and has been for the last 2 years. As she grows she will be moving into other area quickly.

JIll enjoys helping people, and has been helping people through Zack’s National company watching them go from having a Dream to making it Happen.