We Are The Solution For Investors Looking To Get More Deals Closed!! We Offer Short Term Lending, Bridge Lending, Gap Funding And 2nd Lien Position For Investors In The Northern Alabama Market! 

How Does Our Funding Work? 

We are primarily a Bridge Lender that helps investors in our local market when they need to close on a deal and are short on capital!! 

So, what that means is, when you have a deal and you already have the primary lender in place to fund the purchase, but you are going to be short on the down payment or the construction cost then we can help you. 

We fund into the escrow account and have a mortgage drawn up to protect our second position on the deal. You will have to sign and pay for the mortgage to be filled. Once this has been sign and filed then the funds will be release to you for the purpose of helping you with your down payment to close the deal or in the construction cost to get the job completed.

We do have limits on our funding and we stay below 80% (All Expenses) of the After Repaired Value. Now with that said in some cases we have been known to go up to 90% of the After Repaired Value. These types of loans are very Risky for us as the Lender and we take them all Case by Case!! 

We can also move quickly on funding these loans. In most cases we can fund within 1-2 weeks, but have funded many deals in less then 3 days.

Because we are asset based you don't need to worry about if you have good credit, work history, tax filling to show us, or any of the other stuff most banks will ask you for.. We Look At The Deal And Base Our Funding On IT!!!  

What We Charge For Our Funding? 

As we are mostly a Bridge Lender and because of this HIGH Risk position we do charge more then normal Asset Based or Hardmoney Lenders. As a Bridge lender we fall into 2nd Lien position on a property and that is very risky if you as the borrower was to default! This means we could completely get wiped out at auction! Not saying you would default, but lending is a Risk Management Business

Most of our short term loans are going to be between 2-3% per month based on the loan amount. You as the borrower will have to pay for all the closing fees, mortgage document fees, filling fees and any escrow servicing fees. 

We normally only offer our funding for 3-6 months and all borrower's can request for a extension on the loan. All extensions, if granted, will cost the borrower a 5% fee paid at time of extension of the total loan amount! 

What Type Of Funding Do We Offer? 

We offer our local investors a few different types of funding for there business.. 

1- Sort Term Bridge Loans 

    - For Down Payments 

    - For Construction Cost

2- Short Term Gap Funding 

    - 1 Day Loans For Back To Back Transactions  

    - 3 Day Loans For Back To Back Transactions 

3- Short Term Asset Based Loans 

    - These loans are case by case and have Max Loan Limits 

4- Short Term Business Loans 

    - If you are running a business and need capital for inventory, growth, marketing, etc. and can show a consistent history of Accounts Receivables then we can help. 

How Do You Apply For A Loan? 

You will follow the link below and fill out an application that will give us some information about you the borrower and the deal you are looking to get funding for. 

Remember this is a funding application for a deal, so if you do not have a deal under contract or close to getting the contract then it doesn't make since to fill out the form just yet. It takes us about 48 - 72 Hours to review all applications and send them through the underwriting process. 

From Some Of Our Clients We Have Served: 


How do I say think you to someone that stepped in at the last min and help us save a deal we almost lost.. Zack and his team funded a deal for us that we where looking to make $60,000 on and it was about to be gone for good if Zack had not stepped in and funded us. I just have to say others said they would and they kept dragging out the process to just tell us they could do to whatever reason. When Zack says he is an Asset Lender that is what he is. He bases his loan on the deal and the deal only. I am so thankful he could tell we had a great deal and we were looking to make a great profit. Thank you, Zack, and his team for stepping in when no one else would!! If you need funding for your deals and need it done fast and with a great company this is the company for you!!



I was so excited to get my first deal until I got almost finished I realized that I wasn’t going to have enough money to finish which left me panicking. I went to Zack for help, and he told me about his Bridge Lending Program. He said, I loan money on situations just like this where someone is just a little short. When I tell you the weight that was lifted off my shoulders when I heard this. It’s hard to explain how big of a deal this was. So he called the title company and within a couple days I had 15k in my hands. I was able to finish my rehab out and move on to the next deal. The fact that this was my first house it was so huge for Zack to help me out. Since then I needed another deal funded just like this but it had to be funded in 4 days. I called him and literally what felt like hours he had loaned me another 15k. If you need money fast Zack's your guy!! I love Zack's model because its based on the deal, not me personally. So if you have bad credit Zack doesn’t care he loans based on the asset only. The guy makes things happen when you find yourself in the worst positions. Thanks For being an amazing person Zack!!!



Working with Zack and Landmark Investments was so easy to get the deal done. He funded my deal in less than 72 hours and they are true Asset Lenders. They looked at my deal and funded based on the deal, not my Credit or Work history. I tell anyone looking for alternative funding to go to these guys they know how to get deals closed!! Thanks, guys for stepping in when I needed it the most and funding my deals!!



Quick and Easy!! No Credit Check, No Bank Qualifying, No Financial Doc Needed... It was solely based on the deal it's self!! This is the way to go if you need short term money to get your deal closed and rehabbed!! You're a secret weapon in my tool belt... Thanks Zack!!! 



I had heard of people and companies that lend based on the deal and not your credit or work history but honestly, I didn't think it was true. That is until I meet Landmark Investments and Zack. I just want to say when you don't think there is any way to get funding for your deals because you can't work with banks you just have to talk to Zack's team and Landmark. They fund fast and they have a super simple process!! I loved working with them and I am looking forward to doing more deal with them. "