Evan McCuen Bio

Evan McCuen is a full time Real Estate Investor and a Managing Partner in RHED Key Properties, LLC that operates in the Northern Alabama area, specifically Madison County, Limestone County, and Morgan County to name a few. Evan has been Investing full time since the beginning of 2017 and started Investing with fix & flips in 2015. He enjoys working with like minded Real Estate Investors and Individuals that are looking to become a local Investor or home buyer. He is always looking for ways to grow, learn and help others along the way either in Real Estate Investing or Personal Development. Evan met Zack to learn more about his experiences in Real Estate Investing, his personal story and how he could add value to Zack and his business’. Evan is excited to say that he is apart of something bigger, by growing with the MCREIA and all the members, he can truly add value to many.


Evan is a native to Huntsville Alabama and is still learning the ropes of Real Estate Investing. He recommends that you always continue to learn whether it be from others’ past experiences good or bad and through a platform or education system that others have success with in areas of personal development, awareness, business development, and lastly financial development/wealth building. At his core, he will embody the Latin motto “Reviresco” of his Surame McCuen, literal translation “I grow green, verdant, or strong again”. To him this means never stop growing, learning, or pushing for what you believe in.

Prior to Real Estate, Evan is a graduate of Nashville Auto Diesel College and achieved the role of a Master Technician with Honda at a very early age of 25 and then Acura a year or so later. He was the youngest and quickest technician to achieve this through the help of the dealership, great mentors, hard work, sound ethics and responsibility. After he had achieved these features, he began to have a burning desire to create. He knew that the automotive industry was changing before his eyes, so he looked elsewhere for inspiration. He started back to school with an aspiration to become a Mechanical Engineer to put his skills to work (go figure, engineering in Huntsville AL). Unfortunately while in school, he realized why he did not like the methods of traditional school. So he began searching for something once again and stumbled on to Real Estate. He joined a national Real Estate Investing Education Company that began teaching him the thought process of Entrepreneurs and how to get into Real Estate the right way. 

Evan initially started with fix & flips while he worked his day job, after completing, selling and successfully making a profit, he was all in. His primary focus was fix & flips first, then transitioned into wholesaling, then creative financing deals, then a bit of wholesaling. Evan recommends learning more than one or two investing strategies to achieve your goals quicker and have more diversification, knowledge and skill. He has completed and been apart of over 15 transactions in his first full year of Investing and has added three cash flowing properties to his portfolio through vital partnerships, all while helping his wife, Rachael, raise their beautiful Daughter, Aurora.