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Wyatt Reed

We discuss a deal that Wyatt did using the B.R.R.R. method. We talk about the things that worked and the things that didn't work.

Interview with Jumal Cummins

On this interview with a expert with I talk with Jumal Cummins about his first flip and his journey to becoming a successful investor. 

Bill Brumbeloe

Bill’s passion is solving real estate problems. Bill has been involved with the Madison County REIA since the inception of his company. He has been an integral part of our association and enjoys helping new investors to get started. If you would like to contact Bill, drop him a line at bill@besthomes1.com 

Interview with Alicia Merriman

On this interview with a expert with I talk with Alicia Merriman of Home Resurrection. I talk with Alicia about her experience in flipping properties and Air B&B.

Interview with Tim Knox and Zack Childress

Learn to invest in real estate from the expert.
Tim's guest is Zack Childress, president of the Madison County Real Estate Investors Association. Zack is a nationally renowned real estate investing expert author, and coach. Topics include: how to get started as a real estate investor, best type of project to start with, sources of education and funding, and more!.

Interview with Stand McDonald with Jacob Title 

Hey Meet Stand McDonald from Jacob Title. I interview him about his title company and what an investor should be looking for when working with a title company. We also talk about the importance of having the right title company on your power team. 

Shannon Boykin

Shannon has always had an interest in real estate ever since he was a little kid building houses out of Lego blocks and drawing pictures of houses. It was around 2004 when he really started hitting the ground running with Real Estate after several failed businesses. He got his first deal January Of 2005 and closed on it in February 2005 since then he's been averaging about 40 to 50 deals per year especially after 2013 when he got private lenders and more training on how to get more drawls. He is a University of Southern Mississippi graduate with a business degree. His brother Jason Boykin is my business partner and he gives him a lot of credit with the marketing skills that he has developed over the past several years so they work together perfectly.

Brian Trippe

Brian Trippe is a real estate entrepreneur from Birmingham, Ala., who has many businesses in the real estate space. Brian has over 500 real estate transactions under his belt since beginning his investing career in 2012, most of which are wholesale deals. In 2017, Brian started a real estate investors association in his hometown of Birmingham, which quickly grew to one of the largest in the country

Travis & Amber Good

We discuss a deal that Travis and Amber did using the B.R.R.R. method. We talk about the things that worked and the things that didn't work. 

Interview with Tim Knox from Revolved Realty

We talk about how an investor should work with a agent and what an investor should be looking for with an agent. Tim also talks about what an agent should be looking for when picking the right office to work for. 

Tim Knox

We talk to Tim Knox of Revolved about Social Media Marketing. Tim is an expert in the social media space. He has been utilizing Social Media to drive sales to a variety of companies for over 10 years. 

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