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Real Estate Investing Talk Show 

On these shows we talk all about real estate and how you can get better at real estate. Zack teaches on a topic each week that will bring value to your business. Watch, learn and have fun!! 

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Local Expert Interviews  

Inside this Series of video's you will find great information about the local market and the experts in the local area. Zack interviews local Real Estate Professionals about how they help people Locally and what they know about our local Real Estate market. 

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Wake Up Monday Series  

Need a good job start for every morning.. this is the spot for you!! Zack did a series of wake up monday video's where he touches on all types of person changes we go through on a daily bases and how he goes through the same. Zack also gives great pointers on how to get your mind right to face the day and all it can bring at you. these video's are more then just a wake up they are all around great video's to help with life.  

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Dig Deeper Book Reviews 

don't have time to read some of the greatest books of all time!! then don't worry zack has put together several video's on some of the best book for personal growth that he has read. He takes out the best parts and shares them with you on each video and talks about his thought on them and how they can be applied to real life. the area of training is amazing if you like great reads but just need the cliff note version!!  

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