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What Are Your Benefits When Work With Us!

Selling With A Agent 

Selling To Us! 

Commission Paid To Agent

6% of the Listed Price

There are no Commission to be Paid! 

Closing Cost When You Close On the House

2-3% Is Normal For The Seller To Pay At closing

You Pay No Closing cost With Us! 

Holding Time Before You Sell The House

This can very from 2 mo. to 6 mo. or more

We can close now or later your choice 

The cost of holding the house

on avg. you pay 4-6 months in extra payments 

You don't need to make extra payments with us

Seller Concessions

Yes, most are around 5%

No Seller Concessions with Us

Contingency's From The Buyer

Yes!! 20% Of All closing Fall Out Because Of This

We Buy All Our Properties As-Is

Necessary Repair cost Need To fix Property 

Buyers Always Ask For A Repair Allowance

We Buy All Our Properties As-Is

closing time frame

Most cases about 30-45 days after contracted

We Can Close Now Or Later Your Choice 

Strangers In your house 

this is could be a ongoing issue with showings

It just us and maybe our contractor

Look at the numbers above and you will see how working with us can help you.  

When you start to look at the cost and the extra fees and the extra headaches of selling with a agent to bring you too will see why so many other people have choice to take an alternative method when selling there house in our area. 

At Huntsville House Buyer we can buy 1 or 2 ways in most cases. We can offer you close to fair market value with one of our terms programs if your property qualifies or we can pay you cash for the property and in this case if will be at a discount. but as you can see above the amount of fees you would pay extra when selling with an agent put you selling the property at a discount anyways. We are just able to speed up the process for you to get the house closed quickly that the nontraditional way can't offer you