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You Might Still Have A Few Questions: 

Here are some of the common questions we get from Home Owners.

FAQ #1 - Are You Really A Local House Buyer? 

Answer: Yes, the owner of the company was born in the Huntsville area 40+ years ago and all his family is still here. He has been buying Real Estate for over 18 years and 10 of those years he has been buying in the local area of Northern Alabama. We specialize in buying properties in this area and helping home owners out that need a alternative solution to a traditional closing. 

FAQ #2  - Are You Just Going To List My Property? 

Answer: No, we are not agents and we do not want to be agents. We are in the business of helping out our community buy creating win win situations with owners that need to sell and we can help by buying them. We can then turn that property around and help out another family looking to move into the area. 

FAQ #3 - How Do I Know You Will Close Quickly? 

Answer: Great Questions. We have a history of buying in this area and are more then happy to refer you to any of the closing Attorney's we use so you can validate we are real and can close. We don't want to wait around and let the money we have sit we have to keep it moving in the market. This is way we don't want to waste your time and we don't want you to waste ours. 

FAQ #4 - Will You Give Me A Fair Offer? 

Answer: Yes, we have 2 main ways we can buy your property. One way we buy is with cash and that requires us to purchase at a discount, but you should look over the "Your Benefits" tab so you can see it really isn't that much when you consider what you would really get from selling with a agent. The other way we buy is with a terms program, but your property would have to qualify for that. It does allow us to pay more for the property then with a cash offer. 

FAQ #5 - What Are Your Hidden Fees? 

Answer: We don't have any hidden fees. Once we make a offer to you and you accept it that is what you will get at closing out side any other fees that you might be obligated to pay by the state or any other situation that would be out of our control. 

FAQ #6 - How Do You Know What My Property Is Worth? 

Answer: We have been buying here for a long time and know this area very well. One of the things we will do is look for sold properties that are like yours in size and condition to see what others have paid for these properties. We look at condition of the property and the area the property is in. Then we have to determine if this property will work for our buying criteria. If this is something we want to take on then we will calculate a offer that will work for you and for us. 

FAQ #7 - Am I Obligated To Do Anything By Submitting My Info? 

Answer: No, you are not obligated to move forward with us at anytime during this process of getting to know each other and about your property. The first step is just that, it is us getting to know a little more information about your property. 

FAQ # 8 - What If I Have Other Houses I Need To Sell Also?

Answer: We can buy multiple property at one time. We would be more then happy to look at all your properties and give you a offer to purchase them all if this is what you are wanting to do. 

Step 1: Start telling us about your property so we can see how we can help.

What Are The Benefits For You When Working With Huntsville House Buyer

Selling your house Doesn't have to be complicated. We can make it quick and easy! 

Huntsville House Buyers have been buying properties in the northern Alabama area for over 10 years (and other areas too!). We offer a second solution for a lot of home owners that need to sell quickly in this area. When they have a property that needs work and they don't have the time or resource to get the job done they will call us. Even when there is a personal situation that doesn't need to be talk about, but the home owner just needs cash now and they can't wait on a agent to list the property and hope they get a buyer. We are here to help in those cases and many others.

Let me be clear we are not Agents and we are not looking to list your property!  We are real buyers and we close on properties all the time and can close quickly or how ever long you might need to get your affairs in order. One of the great things about working with us is that you don't have to pay a lot of the Fee's that you would normally have to pay with a Agent. So, these means what ever our offer is is our offer there are no hidden fees or extra cost to you to move forward with us here at Huntsville House Buyer. So, even if your property needs work don't worry we can handle it and we will buy your property As-Is, Which means you want get hit with a repairs request like you would when selling it with a agent.  

Don’t worry about repairing or cleaning up your property. We’ll buy your house in as-is condition… no matter how ugly or pretty it is… no matter the location.