Local Investors Helping Local Investor Learn How To Start Investing In Our Local Market!!

Are You Looking To Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate, But Don't Know Where To Start Or Start Back? Then This Bootcamp Is Made For YOU!! You Will Learn What You Need To Know To Start Quickly As A New Investor To Build A Foundation For Success!

At The Beginners Class You Will Learn..

-How To Build The 4 Pillars Of Real Estate Investing For Success

-Where To Get The Money For Your Deals

-How To Build A Rock Solid Team To Help You Grow

-How To Find The Best Deals That Are Not On The Market Now

-How To Flip Houses Without Using Your Money

-How To Get Your First Deal In 30 Days Or Less

-Learn The 4 Different Tiers Of Investing

-Learn What Contracts Are Needed For This Business

-How to evaluate your deals to know if you have a winner

-Learn How To Take Title And The Different Ways To Hold Title

-Learn The 4 Main Ways To Close On A Property

-What are The 4 Imperative Goals You Need To Have

-How To Set Up Multiple Streams Of Income As An Investor

-How To Use Real Estate To Get Wealthy

-What It Really Takes To Make It As An In....


This Class Is FREE For You To Come Out And Learn How You Can Start Your Journey As A Real Estate Investor No Matter If You Want To Wholesale, Flip Houses, Buy and Hold or Just To Buy Your Own House To Live In. 

Learn From A "Real" Local Investor With Over 20 Years Of Investing Experience How You Can Start Investing In Real Estate Right Here In The Northern Alabama AREA!

Who Is Zack Childress?

Zack Childress is highly respected in our community of Real Estate Investors and on a national level. Zack has been a full time investor for over 20 years and has seen the good markets and the bad markets and invested in all of them. He is a true Veteran when it comes to understanding market cycles and how to capitalize on them. Zack lives right here in the Huntsville area and he has been investing here for the past 13 years

Zack is the President of the Madison County Real Estate investors Association. Zack has been sharing with others how to find financial freedom through Real Estate Investing in our local area for over 13 years.

Come to his next event and learn from a local investor right here in your local market of Norther Alabama. Zack will show you how he has been investing in the area for the last 13 years.

For 20 Years, Amazon 2 time Bestselling Author, Huntsville Native, Zack Childress, has been a Full Time Investor and 12 of those years have been right here in Huntsville Alabama area. Learn from a local investor how you can build a Real Estate Investing Business. Attend this workshop and discover how to build the foundation needed to start flipping properties, contracts and getting paid!!

The Best Event For Anyone Starting Out That Is Looking To Get Your Head Around How You Can Start Investing And What You Need To Know To Set The Foundation For Your Success